Health Optimization System

Mindful Partnership about Your Well-Being.

The site provides a project overview and it is intended for investors who share the values and concept of Health Optimization System and are willing to take the risks of initial financing.
The project is currently at an early stage with the potential to expand into global markets.
We are founding a patient-centered medical support. Our Health Optimization System is directed at your personal health goals and is based on three elements.

IT platform stands for a core element able to accumulate medical knowledge and data, providing easy-to-access virtual primary care from anywhere.

Medical assistant serves as a valuable link to Health Optimization System supporting a person to establish his or her personal health goals, building a holistic approach for optimum wellness and planning a route via exceptional technical and medical opportunities.

Access to benefit networking brings informational, educational and emotional support to stay focused on healthy habits.

Health Optimization System allows for efficient unbiased evaluation of expectations and outcomes, reveals if the treatment options are effective and customises health interventions.
Driving gently to the best care
  • What is the value of Health Optimization System?
    Health Optimization System is focused more on the person responsible for health than on his or her diagnosis, supporting day-to-day health and self-care routines. A benefit environment being built for the best patient care, extends the principles of personalized and predictive medicine based on a huge amount of data about the physical and mental state of the patient.
  • What are the benefits of Health Optimization System?
    Combining tradition and innovation, Health Optimization System is based on scientific evidence and proof to healthcare approach. In addition, Health Optimization System builds patient interaction process with a doctor, moving away from averaged treatment standards.
  • What makes Health Optimization System different from other projects?
    The most challenging element is the participatory, patient responsibility for health and their close and benefit interaction with the doctor in developing and following the treatment plan. The key elements of Health Optimization System – IT platform, medical assistance contributing to the best health outcomes along with benefit networking – directed to the best care and support acting responsibly for health.


    Efficient unbiased evaluation of options to improve health outcomes
    Health assessment approach with care and integrity
    Age-related and lifestyle diseases management at an early stage
    Benefit partnership with Health Optimization System to design a personal health care program

Catherine Gora
An expert with more than 10+ PQE in life sciences industry as a legal consultant for one of the world's pre-eminent law firms and in-house counsel for a Big Pharma company providing innovative medical research & exquisite pharmaceutical product development practices. Acquired significant expertise in regulatory and compliance matters of Rx and OTC pharmaceuticals in Russia and the EEU. Catherine is experienced in introducing a market-changing innovative product being one of the few who launched CAR-T cell therapy in Russia.

Outside of Health Optimization System, Catherine is passionate about modern choreography and enjoys playing tennis. Catherine is an inspired traveler going everywhere with a couple of powerful books.
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